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Book a Punch & Judy Show

Punch and Judy is the most famous puppet show with good reason. For over 350 years, it has enthralled generations upon generations of children. Kids love puppet shows; it gives their imagination full reign to enter a magical world where anything is possible. I have been a professional Punch and Judy man for many years, creating the now famous "Brighton Punch and Judy" and "Professor Dill's Punch and Judy show". I became Professor Dill through a strange historical event in Whitehall, London. King Charles asked to see a Punch and Judy show and liked it so much that he gave every performer an honorary professorship - that is why, to this day, we are known as "Professors" rather than puppeteers. The show is a riot of knockabout fun, and I am delighted to have brought this excellent puppet show to a whole new generation of children.

book a punch and judy show for london fair
Performing our Punch and Judy Show at "Ickle Pickles" children’s charity event London June 2015

outdoor punch and judy show london

London and Mr Punch

This website has some photos of my show. The picture of the two boys on the left was taken at my show at Hampton Court. The show was done on a sunny day, but the show need not be done outside. A Punch and Judy puppet show works just as well indoors. When performing an outdoor show the booth needs to be staked down with ropes and tent pegs. The indoor booth on the other hand is much smaller and will fit into any size room - from the front room of a flat to the largest church hall.

Punch and Judy has lasted over 350 years as the most famous puppet show of them all - as a magical experience for children he cannot be beaten. That is quite simply because Mr Punch is the best puppet show in the world!

punch and judy party
London Punch and Judy doing a show at a 5th birthday in the Chapel at RAF Odiham